VPX Sports CarbonX RTD Thermogenic Carbs!

vpx carbonx

By David Schroer

Following our previous review of VPX New RTD Preworkout Bang 357 it seems VPX wasn’t quite done with their Line updates. Introducing a Pre/Intra/Post Workout Carbohydrate Energy Source CARBONX. Touted as a ‘Thermogenic’ Carb Source that exits the gut much faster than ‘glucose’ and is a pure source of energy that is quite difficult for the body to store as fat! These ‘new’ sources of Carbs are really starting to make some head way in the performance industry and as more research is done could potentially be quite beneficial!

The SIC Nitty Gritty

Utilizing 2 Carb Sources VPX first uses hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate a ‘resistant starch’ (What in the world is that)

“Some carbohydrates, such as sugars and most starch, are rapidly digested and absorbed as glucose into the body through the small intestine and subsequently used for short-term energy needs or stored. Resistant starch, on the other hand, resists digestion and passes through to the large intestine where it acts like dietary fiber.” –Yeah We Like WikiPedia Too!

Secondly VPX uses the new to industry Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (Also in Glycofuse)

Cyclic Dextrin- There is evidence that highly branched cyclic dextrins (HBCD) increase gastric emptying time which allows for quicker nutrient absorption and recovery. Additionally, there is some research that suggests that HBCD can increase endurance.  vpx carbon x ingredients

Seems that CarbonX will be a good competitor to Glycofuse, Karbolyn, Karbolic etc. Simply because it is a RTD and VPX seems to be available in many more ‘convenience locations’ than the other specialty manufacturers are. However the powdered version is already available at retailers and has been for some time and is ‘spot on’ in terms of ingredients and serving breakdown, aside from a bit lower sodium in the RTD.


By David Schroer


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