Venture Bar by Controlled Labs


Venture Bar by Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs has announced their newest move in the supplement industry. They have purchased a new brand name called Venture Bar. This new supplement company will be Controlled Labs and also be their first attempt to an edible food category.

Venture Bar is the name of the company and oddly enough the same name as the product itself. Venture bar (the product) is going to be a high protein bar along with high fiber. As of now the only flavor we know of is coconut almond delight, but we are positive there will be other flavor selections once the product is released.

Of course Controlled Labs has yet to release the ingredient information or any other information at that. They do however give you a link to go to where the information will first be given out. You can go to that link here at

Flavors (As of now)

  • Coconut almond delight

Release Date

As of now they release date is noted for February 2015. Whether this will be the official date or not is still unknown since it was posted originally as January 2015. If there is a change in the release date or any other  information that is released we will update you right away!


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