USPLabs TT750 New Tribulus



USPLabs has formulated a top natural test boosting supplement TT750 with Tribulosin a patented version of Tribulus. Now if this is anything like Agmatine in terms of quality well then USPLabs certainly has another winner on their hands.

Now why is USPLabs making a big deal of a Tribulus supplement….well because according to them they are using the most effective form with Triulosin. According to USPLabs, ” Tribulosin is so rare that, according to one study, it’s only found in minuscule amounts in just a few of the world’s Tribulus plants. TT 750 was formulated to specifically include Tribulosin and, as far as we’ve seen, it is the only Tribulus Terrestris supplement of its kind!”

Hopefully we will see an advantage with this new form of Tribulus and it being more potent and effective than the original.

Below is the Ingredients Panel

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By Tony Brettman



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