USPlabs OxyElite Pro Advanced Formulation Announced!

Right on the heels of the Jack3d Advanced Launch comes Usplabs OxyElite Pro Advanced or should we call it OEPA. With media and the FDA tabooing DMAA for no Valid or even legal reason USPlabs has been scrambling to put out products that will live up to the original Jack3d and OxyElite Pro. Will Advanced be that product or lost in all the noise as with the other Post DMAA Formulas.

Lets See We had

Oxy Elite Pro The New Formula

  • Removed DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine)
  • Added Higenamine & Aegeline & 25mg More Caffeine

That didn’t seem to work

So USPlabs tried a Powdered Version

oxy elite powder oep powder

USPlabs OxyElite Pro Powder

A few minor label changes but apparently nothing to write home about in terms of popularity. Although this blogger is a big fan of it!

So now we have USPlabs OxyElite Pro Advanced Formulation if you take a look at the New Jack3d Advanced Formula it is unfortunately nothing new in terms of ingredients and is QUITE similar to other products currently on the market. So will the new advanced OxyElite Pro Formula be something entirely new or merely a new label on a known formula. Only time will tell if USPlabs has what it takes to climb back to the top again!


By David Schroer


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