USPLabs Oxy Elite Pro Powder Coming Soon to US

USPLabs logo imagePreviously released in Australia, Oxy Elite Pro Powder will now be available in the US for purchase. USPLabs OxyElite Pro is one of the top selling fat burners on the market and has many positive reviews all over the inter-web. OxyElite Pro Powder was previously on the Australian Market but as it appears has sold out in most online retailers. Now USPLabs is taking two great flavors to the US and releasing their very successful fat burner in powder form which would appear to contain the same formula as their latest update to OEP.

USPLabs Oxy Elite PowderNow, we are not really sure the added benefits for USPLabs to release a powder compared to their popular fat burning pill but we like the fact that they come in different flavors. OxyElite Powder will be released in two flavors, fruit punch and blue raspberry, and we can see an expansion of flavors similar to their groundbreaking pre workout Jack3d.

We have not seen a ingredient profile to see whether or not they have added any ingredients or removed any but DMAA will definitely not be in the formula.

Please Check back here at Supplement Inner Circle for more information of the new OxyElite Powder and where to purchase the new addition.

By Tony Brettman

If you have tried the previous Australian version of OEP powder please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

You can Find the new and updated formula OxyElite Pro pill form here!


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