USPLabs New Protein in the Works Update Coming Soon

USPLabs ProteinUSPLabs will soon be releasing more information on their brand new protein product and we might actually get a glimpse at the ingredient profile. USPLabs recently gave a statement about their pursuit of the infamous 1,3 and how they are no longer going to be including it in their products and we feel this is a perfect opportunity for USPLabs to bring something great to the table with this new protein.

Now protein is protein right? Well, in a way yes but in this industry quality comes first and then innovation. Not all proteins are and should be treated equal…because in this industry quality is sometimes forgotten. If USPLabs could make a high quality protein with an additional ingredient to make their new product unique then it would truly be a win win situation…sad that 1,3 will no longer be apart of their formulations, but with adversity comes innovation.

If you are an USPLabs Inner Circle subscriber then you should be receiving an email about this coming soon update. If not a member, we highly recommend heading over to the USPLabs website or Facebook page to subscribe and to find out more details.

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By Tony Brettman



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