USPLabs New OxyElite Protein

USPLabs Oxy Elite Protein


USPLabs just released the name and look of their first entry into the protein market with OxyElite Protein. Now, we are kind of surprised at the direction USPLabs decided to go in with their first ever protein and naming after their very popular fat burning thermogenic (OEP), but we trust that the company behind two of the most successful products in the sports nutrition industry has an eye for this sort of thing.

We don’t know any other details at this time in terms of the ingredient profile. but according to USPLabs “they have been fine-tuning this ultra-advanced formula for years”.

If we were to speculate on why they would have named their protein after their fat burner we would have to guess that they share a similar ingredient. Fat Burning Protein…..haha no probably not the active ingredients that stimulate fat loss but we think it might contain unique protein digestion promoting enzymes.

Additional Speculative Ingredients:

  • CLA
  • Medium chain triglycerides
  • Poly dextrose as a non-digestible fiber source

That’s all for now, as always check back here for any and all updates on USPLabs new Protein, OxyElite Protein!

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By Tony Brettman


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