USPLabs Modern BCAA Tabs

USPLabs Modern BCAAs Tabs Banner 2USPLabs has now released more information on their update of one of the most popular Branch Chained Amino Acid products on the market. USPLabs is updating Modern BCAA powder with a versatile tablet form. USPLabs Modern BCAA Tablets contains over 1250mg of high quality Amino Acids to aid your body in nutrient deficiency after strenuous physical activity. This update is just in physical form due to the fact that it is the same ingredient profile than the powder but just now more convenient.

USPLabs Modern BCAAs Tabs 2According to USPLabs, their New Modern BCAA Tabs contains the essential Amino Acid profile for proper supplementation to repair and build lean muscle.

Key Amino Acid Profile:

  • SUSTAMINE:Superior glutamine compound found to be more stable in water and absorb more efficiently than regular glutamine.
  • ALANINE:Released at very high rates during fasted exercise, reducing muscle catabolism
  • LYSINE:This essential amino acid found to preserve leucine in a protein deficient state.

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By Tony Brettman


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