USP Labs Patent Pending Anabolic Versa 1 Release Date Announced


USP Labs Patent Pending Anabolic Versa 1

Looks as if USP Labs have another ‘Inner Circle’ Product on the horizon. Versa 1 is the brands newest product termed ‘patent pending anabolic’ it is unclear at this point if this will be a testosterone booster like ‘Test Powder’ or more along the lines of ‘Prime’, hopefully it is some new breakthrough that will allow us to all grow a big beautiful physique with shredded abs, Naturally; a guy can only dream!

Regardless of the ‘type’ of product this will turn out to be it is safe to assume that with USP Labs Products there has been quite a few trials before you can even buy it so we will know if it works before it is released; some of the reviews are very interesting to say the least!

Find Versa-1 Here!

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By David Schroer


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