Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter The Brand Targets Aesthetics


The key to building an eye pleasing muscular physique is all about giving our bodies & more importantly our muscles the nutrients they need at the times they need them! Now some people may just look at the ‘pump’ as a nifty little byproduct of doing work in the gym. But few know just how beneficial the pump is for growth and development of the muscle! When we attain that pump our muscles are absolutely engorged with blood & as long as you have consumed aminos & glucose at some point you know have surrounded them in a nutrient rich environment. So products that can effectively achieve a pump or at the very least boost vasodilation are not just nice to look at but are actually important for muscular development!

When it comes to putting out effective products Top Secret Nutrition knows what they’re doing. We have had the opportunities to try Cardio Igniter as well as Astravar 2.0 & they are both very impressive & effective products. This is why we are genuinely excited for what Pump Igniter & TSN has in store for its fans. When more information is known we will highlight the ingredients & break them down for you as we always do! So be sure to check back here!

By David Schroer


top secret pump igniter


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