Top 10 Best Selling 1,3 DMAA Supplements!

Today I wanted to talk about 1,3 DMAA. This was the ingredient that was thought to have been banned a few years ago, but over the past few months has shown back in sports nutrition market with a vengeance! It is also known as geranium oil, geranium oil extract and 1,3 dimethylamylamine, but it’s all the same thing, but just look for different names on the bottles. Each manufacturer usually calls it by a slightly different name.

What is 1,3 DMAA?

This is a very strong stimulant that not only has the ability to increase energy, but can help burn fat and is a powerful nootropic, so it can help with focus, memory and that alpha male feeling. Everything you want while working out at the gym. It’s why it was so popular in product like OxyElite Pro and the original Jack3d, both which have been discontinued.

Side Effects

The potential side effects with this ingredient are the same as other potential side effects from taking fat burners or pre-workout supplements. High blood pressure, jitters, nausea. My recommendation is that if you have any medical condition or health condition, that you speak with your doctor first!


The dosage for the supplements like pre-workouts and fat burners that have this ingredient vary quite a bit. I have seen as low as 20mg per serving and as high as 75mg per serving. Is the dosage concerns you, I would recommend starting small, like 1/2 the dose, see how you feel and increase from there. Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended dosage through.

Was 1,3 DMAA Banned?

The FDA never outright banned 1,3 DMAA, and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has been in litigation with them since…and is winning I might say. This is why Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is the only company able to produce 1,3 DMAA. Now you might see 1,3 DMAA in other brands such as iForce Nutrition, APS Nutrition, Blackstone Labs…and the list goes on…but this means that Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals either owns those companies or produces those products for them. So unless something happens in the courts, for now you can buy 1,3 DMAA at your will. Most bigger companies won’t sell them, such as Amazon, eBay, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and others, but you should be able to pick them up at websites like Best Price Nutrition, My Supplement Store and other online companies. I know of a local store in my area that actually carries them called Capitol Nutrition, but that is in the suburbs of Chicago.

Top 10 1,3 DMAA Supplements

Ok…so now on to the part you guys came to this post for in the first place. What are the top 1,3 DMAA supplements that are available to purchase. This is all based on talking to manufacturers and finding out their top selling products having 1,3 DMAA. This is for 2016, and definitely could change in the future, but here is the list right now.

lipodrene 13 dmaa#1 Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene: This is a powerful fat burner that not only has 1,3 DMAA, but also Ephedra. Now it’s not the banned part of the Ephedra plant, but another part. Not nearly as strong and potent, but you still get 1,3 DMAA. Having taken this in the past, it is very strong and not for beginners…or at least start out with 1/2 the dose. I recommend picking up Lipodrene at Best Price Nutrition as they have it for $34.95 + Free Shipping (As of 6/2/2016).

  • This is also available in Lipodrene Hardcore and Lipodrene Extreme. I wouldn’t try either of these until you try the original Lipodrene and see how that one feels. Another site with all version is Stinger Supplements. Buy Lipodrene, Lipodrene Extreme and Lipodrene Hardcore.

aps nutrition mesomorph 13 dmaa#2 APS Nutrition Mesomorph: This is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on the market today. Not only does it have a potent dose of 1,3 DMAA, but also has a ton of caffeine and other stimulants, pump ingredients and nootropics. This is actually one of my favorite pre-workout supplements to date. With Mesomorph, again, start with 1/2 the dose to access your tolerance, because this is strong stuff! Again I would recommend Best Price Nutrition as I have seen many times a BOGO deal on Mesomorph there.

On a side note, I highly recommend the Rocket Pop flavor. Reminds me of those one rocket popsicles when we were kids. You can also buy APS Mesomorph Here.

hi-tech_hydroxyelite 13 dmaa#3 Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals HydroxyElite: Does that name and bottle sound and look familiar? Yep, it’s almost the exact same formula at the old USP Labs OxyElite Pro from a few years ago. The original, not all the reformulations that came out afterwards. Looking at the ingredient list, it has all the same exact doses, including the 1,3 DMAA and a few additional ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia. If you loved OxyElite Pro, this is going to make you really happy. It works, it makes you feel awesome…just an all around great supplement. I am glad Hi Tech brought it back, even if it has a different name. The cheapest I found was here. You can get HydroxyElite for only $34.95 plus free shipping.

One thing, I love stacking this with a non-stimulant pump product pre-workout. Makes for an amazing workout. You can also buy Hydroxyelite Pro Here.

hi-tech_jack_d_up 13 dmaa#4 Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Jack’d Up: Yep, just like the OxyElite Pro from above, Hi Tech re-did the famous Jack3d from USP Labs and called it Jack’d Up. If you loved the original Jack3d with 1,3 DMAA, this again will be one product you want to pick up. They took the original formula and improved it unlike the re-formulations that USPLabs tried to do over the years. Not sure if this deal will be around forever, but right now they have Jack’d Up and a free bottle of Off the Chain here.

Thinking about Mesomorph or Jack’d Up? I personally prefer Mesomorph, but they are pretty close to the same formula. Toss a coin in the air…you really can’t go wrong with either. You can also buy Jack’d Up Here.

off the chain aminos#5 Hi Tech Pharmaceutical Off the Chain: So this one is quite different. I think they were going after Amino Energy with this product. Off the Chain is an amino acid supplement, but with the addition of 100mg caffeine and 20mg of 1,3 DMAA. You could take this as an anytime pick-me-up or a very light pre-workout supplement…or of course just increase the dosage pre-workout to make it a little more potent. I haven’t personally tried this one out, but have been hearing good things about it. If you love Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition, I would give this a try and see what you get out of it. With multiple scoops, it should give you a much better mental boost than Amino Energy. I found Off the Chain here for $24.95, plus they have Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!

Runners Up

Now these are runners up, but I also wanted to just give you a break down of all the other supplements that have 1,3 DMAA in them in case you want to roll with something else. I will try to keep this list updated as much as I can as more products come out having 1,3 DMAA!

Coming Soon

One product that is coming soon which should sell well is the newest version of Blackstone Labs Dust Extreme. This product will have 1,3 DMAA as part of the formula.

Do you know a product that should be added to the list? If so, let me know and I will get it listed as soon as possible!


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