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Onnit Labs LogoHere at Supplement Inner Circle we have had the pleasure of following this cutting edge supplement company and provider of all things exceptional for the past year or so. Onnit Labs is a company that prides itself on providing quality products that improve not only supplementation and nutrition but more importantly individual lifestyles.

Onnit Labs represents everything that is right with the industry and we believe that they are beginning to separate themselves from the over saturated market that is Supplements. With the help of the infamous and powerful Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus and his team are supplying supplements that have evidence based ingredients and have been shown to have a positive impact on general nutrition and health. Now onto the Supps.

Alpha Brain

Onnit Labs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a Nootropic that enhances cognitive function and enables you to think clearer and have more of a connection with what your are doing. Think of Alpha Brain as essential nutrients for your brain that optimizes the mind to muscle connection. We have actually had the opportunity to test this product out and are quite pleased with the results. Alpha Brain is a successful cognitive supplement that lifts the proverbial fog and enables a stronger sense of focus. The one thing we found that significantly changed was how deep of a sleep we were getting and the vivid dreams. Overall, Alpha Brain seems to get the job done and provides a successful Nootropic experience in that it enhances that mind to body connection.

Shroom Tech Sport and ShroomTech Immune

ShroomTechShroomTech Immune and Shroom Tech Sport are supplements that aid in providing nutrients that enhance performance. Both of these supplements are made from cordyceps sinensis mushrooms due to the essential minerals and nutrients that stimulate certain functions in the body such as ATP production as well as provides an array of anti-oxidants to fight of oxidative stress. Mushroom supplements have been shown to have a significant impact on nutrition and performance and with these two formulas Onnit has a winner! Below is the list of ingredients for these two performance products.

Shroom Tech Sport

  • Cordyceps Sinensis: Rare mushroom linked to cellular energy & oxygen capacity.
  • Cordyceps Super: Potent bio-available extract, magnifying the potency of cordyceps.
  • Rhodiola: Natural adaptogen used by Russian olympians. Synergistic with cordyceps.
  • Astragalus: Chinese herb, helpful in unlocking the full capability of Cordyceps mushrooms.
  • Green Tea Extract: A powerful antioxidant and balanced caffeine source.
  • Siberian Ginseng: Potent energy boosting tonic, with millenia of historical use.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Very powerful antioxidant, helps restoration of glutathione.
  • Magnesium (Chelate): Important for optimal muscle function and hydration.
  • Chromium (Picolinate): Helps balancing & maintenance of optimal blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamin B-12: Go-to vitamin for athletes powering through extreme fatigue.

Shroom Tech Immune

  • Immune Assist: Clinically researched mushroom blend high in immune stimulating polysaccharides.
  • Reishi Mushroom: Traditionally used immune nutrient in Chinese medicine.
  • Chaga Mushroom: Potent nutritional mushroom, found growing on Birch trees.
  • Astragalus: Chinese herb, helpful in unlocking the full capability of nutritional mushrooms.
  • Echinacea: The world’s most popular immune stimulating herb.
  • Zinc: Important mineral with well-researched immune benefits.
  • Selenium: Powerful antioxidant mineral, ideal for optimal health.

Hemp Force Protein Superfood

Onnit Labs Hemp ForceHemp Force Protein is a top of the line protein supplement that contains ingredients that are natural and bio-available which provides a unique protein formula. Hemp Force contains a potent amount of Amino acids and minerals that are essential for optimizing performance no matter if you are a hardcore athlete or just a health conscious individual. According to Onnit, “Hemp FORCE is truly the next generation of protein supplement that will prove beneficial to all individuals interested in healthy protein snacking or true performance nutrition.” Now, this product is quite expensive due to the challenges with raw material acquisition and manufacturing but what we can tell this protein is definitely worth it’s price tag.

Onnit Labs is not only formulating quality products but they are creating a culture and providing a service that are making people more health conscious and aware of essential nutrition. We suggest you take a look at their product line not just as individuals items for purchase but rather as an investment, a lifestyle and cultural investment for improving life!

Stay tuned for more product highlights as we will be featuring the rest of Onnit Labs products soon.

For More Information on Onnit Labs please check out their website here!

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