Synadrene: Say Goodbye to Synedrex!

synadrene-300x484Synadrene…this is the replacement (sort of) for Metabolic Nutrition’s Synedrex. So let’s give you some information on what we have heard happened. Synedrex has been one of the top selling fat burning and energy supplements for quite a few years now. I personally loved it. There were some rumors going around for a few months now that the FDA was looking into the product. Supposely Metabolic Nutrition was going out with a new version without Amp Citrate, but we haven’t seen anything yet. Well a couple weeks ago looks like Synedrex was removed…well you just can’t get it anymore. You may have seen websites selling it for a lot of money or just not having it at all. So it looks like Synedrex; well the version we know, is now gone.

We haven’t heard anything from Metabolic Nutrition about when this product is coming back or if it will come back, but then Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals swoops in and releases Synadrene, an almost identical product to Synedrex.

What is Synadrene?

So when I say this is a replacement, it’s sort of true. Usually when a new version, new formula or replacement for a great product comes out, it is terrible. Underdosed or just not the ingredients that made it so good. Well this isn’t the case here. Synadrene doesn’t have the AMP Citrate that Synedrex had, but it has 1,3 DMAA! This is so much stronger than the Amp Citrate, so it’s going to work so much better!

And better yet, and to make this even more confusing…the original Synedrex from like 3-4 years ago actually had 1,3 DMAA. It was the original. So you could say this replacement product Synadrene, is actually the original Synedrex brought back to life! I think Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals did some awesome stuff here. And I think they are going to make a lot of money. They were smart getting this into production so quickly.

What is in Synadrene?

Here is the label and the actual ingredients. As you can see, the only difference is the introduction of 1,3 DMAA in the place of the AMP Citrate.

Servings Per Bottle: 45
Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Vitamin B3 (as Niacin): 20mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL): 4.25mg
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin): 100mcg
Chromium: 175mcg

Synedrex Formulated Weight Loss Solution Blend: 920mg
Methylxanthine: *
1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL: *
Sulbutiamine: *
Sandalwood Extract: *
Yohimbine Extract: *
Alpha Lipoic Acid: *
Poly-liodo-Thyonine: *

Other Ingredients: DiPotassium Phosphate, MCMC, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD & C Blue 1, Red 40, Ti02, Gelatin

The Directions

The only major change I have noticed is that with this new product, they recommend taking 3 capsules per day instead of 2 like Metabolic Nutrition recommended. Therefore if you actually took the full 3 capsules per day, this is only going to last you 15 days…so it could get expensive. Even 2 per day, this is only lasting about 3 weeks. And if you take this for the full 8 week cycle, that is going to be 4 bottles.

Where to Buy Synadrene?

Only a few sites I have seen have this product available to order:

What if you still want Synedrex? Well you have ebay (though could be fake), and I found Synedrex still available here and here for $44.99.


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