STIMino: Preworkout Energy, Endurance & Muscle Enhancer

STIMino: Preworkout Energy, Endurance & Muscle Enhancer


STIMino isn’t a brand new supplement but, it is Farley new that we should at least introduce it! STIMino is the seventh supplement added to Controlled Labs Elements section. This is a non-stimulant pre-workout supplement that can be taken by its self and still give you an intensifying feeling to dominate your workout or, it could be stacked with a stim pre-workout to make it the ultimate intensifier.

When trying to find a pre-workout you want the energy, focus, strength, and intensifying feeling. Finding a pre-workout that actually delivers all these standards can be difficult, but Controlled Labs did it with this non stimulant pre-workout. With just two servings you get 5 grams of leucine, 3 grams of betaine, 2 grams of taurine and intense amount worth of caffeine. Adding these ingredients together gives you the feeling and energy you need and want to smash through any workout.


  • Pre-workout energy,
  • Endurance & Muscle Enhancer
  • Anabolic
  • Superior mixability
  • No fillers
  • Amazing taste


  • Furious Fruit Punch

By: Eric


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