Speed X3 Clear Coming Soon | LeCheek Nutrition

speed x3 clearOut of all the companies in the industry, I have got to say that LeCheek Nutrition is really hitting it hard in 2015. They are coming out with a ton of new products from their line. Not only new products, but new labeling, which in my opinion, looks incredible. LeCheek Nutrition, headed up by Gabe Quintela is doing great things in 2015. Now they just announced on Friday a new product, Speed X3 Clear.

What is Speed X3 Clear?

Does it mean the liquid is clear? Does it mean it gives you a clear sense of focus and thought? Nope, it’s something that is positive for this industry. LeCheek Nutrition is giving completely transparent labels…which means you know exactly how much of every ingredient is in the bottle. No more proprietary blends. You know everything you are getting in Speed X3 Clear.

Why Are They Moving to Clear?

My guess is that they are really growing as a brand…I mean they are now on BodyBuilding.com. When more eyes are on you, people are going to start demanding more things…one of them being more non-proprietary blends. And if this is the case, the cool thing is that LeCheek is actually listening to their customers. They are changing the ways they do things and coming out with Speed X3 Clear, which doesn’t have a proprietary blend. Hats off to them for going the extra mile. But this is nothing new, currently 50% of their product line has no proprietary blends…which is awesome!

When Will It Be Available?

I am sure very soon. I am excited to see it and will post the label when it’s available.


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