Scivation DH-32 Pro: The Companies Great White Buffalo?

Scivation DH32 Pro

Scivation is known for quality products and rigorously testing their products before bringing them to market. The case with DH-32 Pro is a bit ridiculous. Talk of the product has been floating around on the company’s website and in various mumbles by the CEO on the forums for well over a year! Mcandless even stated in a post Dated November 2011 that the post workout product “could have been released well over a year ago”. That makes DH-32 Pro well over a 2 year project & with no release date announced has seemingly been the companies ‘Great White Buffalo.’


The only explanation is that the first set of trials didn’t yield the results Scivation was looking for, resulting in a second round.  From what little information we can gather the ‘thought process’ behind DH-32 is that Nitric Oxide (NO) used before a workout is unnecessary and in some cases can even hinder performance. Scivation says that for optimal muscle growth & recovery we should be utilizing NO after our workouts to enhance delivery of nutrients to the muscles. This kind of outside the box thinking is what Scivation is known for; with Xtend & the creation of the IntraWorkout category.

Now with the companies new PreWorkout Psycho also set to ‘change the preworkout category’ the company has been quite for some time until now. Hopefully the ‘calm before the storm’ is to ensure that they are ready to fill the big shoes they have created for themselves with TWO new revolutionary products that will make the success of Xtend look tiny in comparison.

By Dave


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