Ronnie Coleman Signature Series STACKED-N. O.

ronnie coleman signature series stacked N ORonnie Coleman Signature Series STACKED-N. O.

Looks like the formulators behind Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series have been busy, in a little over a year the brand has grown from 3 products and will top out at 5 with the addition of STACKED-N.O.

The picture was posted on the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Facebook Page, and from the image it appears that it might actually hold up as a decent ‘pump’ product! Not sure what else is included but the picture shows the blend featuring 1g of Agmatine & 3g L-Citrulline per serving. Now hopefully those are just the main components and not some other ingredients are thrown in there to increase pump!

Maybe some GPLC, or Glycerol & Arginine Nitrate for starters. (In HEMAVOL & NO3 Respectively)

As soon as more information is available we will be sure to update you on the full ingredient profile of STACKED-N.O.

By David Schroer


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