Recon Nutrition Ambush Pre-Warefare Review

Recon Nutrition AmbushThis is an up and coming brand that we have been getting a lot of emails about, especially with their Thermonuke supplement we did a review of here. Now we haven’t personally tried either of these products, otherwise I could give a better in-depth review, but we can at least talk about them.

What is Recon Nutrition Ambush?

This is of course their pre-workout supplement. Looking at their website, this supplement promises a lot!

  • Pumps and Vascularity (this is from the Agmatine ingredient)
  • Increased Focus for Your Workout
  • Intense Energy for Your Workout
  • Increased Endurance & Performance

This is pretty much everything you could ask for from a pre-workout supplement right? If this is anything like their Thermonuke product, it should be a great seller.


Now without seeing an actual bottle, I can’t go into depth with the actual amounts of ingredients, but I can break down some of the main ingredients.

  • Agmatine – For the pumps
  • Choline – For the Focus
  • Caffeine/AMP – For the energy
  • Creatine – For muscle building and endurance
  • Beta Alanine – For muscle building and endurance


Since I haven’t had it, it’s hard to give a concrete answer on how this product is. If I do get my hands on a bottle of Ambush or Thermonuke, I will definitely give it an in depth review for everyone. For now though, looking at the ingredients, it looks like a very solid pre-workout supplement.

Where to Purchase?

Very few stores online carry this supplement, so right now I am going to recommend that you purchase Ambush from the Recon Nutrition website here.


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