Purus Labs D-Pol DAA Testosterone Boosting Supplement Goes Custard!

d-pol custard

Purus Labs D-Pol Powder Form

Purus Labs is putting out a new form of their Testosterone Booster D-Pol. With a market flooded with Testosterone Pills with a bunch of under dosed herbs with little to no research supporting their use. D-Pol is different. Not only is it now a great tasting powder D-Pol also features D Aspartic Acid or DAA which has been to have dramatic effect on the pituitary gland and ultimately sending a signal to the testes to boost testosterone production!


D-Pol Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

D- Aspartic Acid- Has been found to increase testosterone by upregulating mRNA which in turn produces a compound (Steroidogonic Acute Regulatory Protein) which has been shown to regulate the synthesis of androgen in the Leydig Cells[1]

Additionally, NMDA a neurologically active component of DAA has been found to induce testosterone production in the leydig cells. [2]

Nitrate- Dietary nitrate supplementation, which enhances nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability, has previously been shown to contribute to improved exercise performance by reducing both oxygen cost and energy expenditure.[3]

Vitamin B- D-Pol contains bio active forms of  B Vitamins. It is known that people who are deficient in B-Vitamins often have hormonal issues and imbalances.

Vitamin D- Vitamin D was associated with a positive androgen status (higher testosterone and lower SHBG) in men. [4]

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With most Product write ups we try to show you the evidence and research that supports the reasoning behind the addition of ingredients into certain products. With Purus Labs they did a lot of the work for us which is always refreshing and if you are thinking of supplementing with D Aspartic Acid then D-Pol is definitely a great way to do it; plus now it tastes like Custard come-on this is a No-Brainer!

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