ProSupps Reformulation


ProSupps Reformulation

With a lot on their plate already and much more to come for the year of 2015, ProSupps has announced the formula change to their highly renowned products.. ProSupps has announced that they will be switching a lot of their commonly used ingredients and also substitute their highly recognized trademarked versions.

Some of the products that they plan on changing the ingredients are their highly recognized pre-workouts Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and the Mr. Hyde ready-to-drink. They will be moving to a new and more popular CarnoSyn beta-alanine, Agmapure agmatine sulfate, and creatine nitrate. But do keep in mind that this change will happen sometime in the year 2015 so it is quickly approaching!

Make sure to check back as we update you with all of Prosupps moves to reformulate and rebrand their company!


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