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ProSupps have really been busy lately. With new products coming out what seems like monthly it appears that they have another formula to help round out their already impressive line!

ProSupps Guardian will be a liver detoxification product great for On Cycle & Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)  or in use with the companies potent Testosterone Booster Halotropin. Additionally Guardian can also be used for people who like to do cleanses & detoxes to rid the body of the gunk that builds up over time.

ProSupps Guardian will feature a unique blend of ingredients that have been found to have a positive effect on the liver and give it what it needs to work more efficiently especially when under times of stress. Additionally, Liver Support Supplements can also help with the absorption & utilization of Protein which can be extremely useful for precontest competitors who are cutting carbs & fats and getting a large amount of calories from protein.


ProSupps Guardian Ingredients

Arjuna Bark- A traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine shown to promote lower liver enzyme levels and stress markers.

Chanca Piedra (phyllanthus niruri)- P. niruri is an important plant of Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine which is used for problems of the stomach, genitourinary system, liver, kidney and spleen.

Dandelion 10:1 (Root)- Dandelion Root is a nourishing herb that contains highly bioavailable minerals. In the botanical classification of herbs, it is considered a blood purifier, having most of its beneficial action on the liver. It supports the liver by promoting bile secretion and provides a gentle cleansing action in the elimination of metabolic waste.

Borututu Bark- Borututu bark is claimed to have hepatic (liver) healing properties and general cleansing effect.

SOLEC TM FP 40 (min. 40% Phosphatidylcholine)(Soy lecithin)- makes up a large part of cellular membranes including liver cells, can also maintain liver cell integrity & function.

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC)- A metabolic precursor to glutathione, a vital component in liver functioning. NAC is a key liver support nutrient.

Alpha Lipoic Acid- Lipoic acid is a unique fat and water-soluble antioxidant. Protects against free radicals inside and outside the cell

L-Methionine- Methionine is a sulfur bearing essential amino acid important in hair, nail and muscle production, liver maintenance (lipotropic effects) and production of creatine and other aminos.

Milk Thistle Extract (4:1)(seed)- One of the most extensively studied liver detoxification supplements.  An extensive review of more than a dozen placebo-controlled studies with the use of silymarin showing improved liver function.

Turmeric extract (Std. min. 95% curcuminoids)(root)- A cousin of Ginger, Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. It also demonstrates normalizing effects. Like Milk Thistle, Turmeric aids liver function primarily by fighting free-radical oxidation generated during its metabolism. Reducing this stress encourages normalized function of this metabolic organ.

TUDCA Sodium(as Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid Sodium)- TUDCA has been proven in over 220 documented cases to dramatically improve both the performance of the liver as well as decrease pre-existing damage. “It looks like a good resource for preventing cholestasis, one of the major risks with 17 alkylated steroids.”

Artichoke Powder- an aid for indigestion, promoting healthy liver function, and supporting healthy cholesterol levels already in healthy range, is now being backed in scientific studies. The key components of artichoke extract, caffeoylquinic acids, are suggested to enhance detoxification reactions and protect the liver. After the detoxification process, the compounds in artichoke extract help the body quickly flush the toxins so they do not harm the liver.

So if you are looking at starting up new prohormone stack, or are simply wishing to partake in a detoxification cycle and get things working more efficiently we recommend giving ProSupps Guardian a glance as they put a lot of effort & work into their formulas and there is a reason they are one of the fastest growing brands in the industry!

David Schroer


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