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pro supps tcf isolate

Pro Supps Introduce TC-F Whey Protein Isolate


Review By Dave

As a group of reviewers it is extremely imperative that we remain ‘fair’ & ‘unbiased’ in our reviews! But PRO SUPPS is making that REALLY difficult because they just keep hitting the nail on the head in terms of product formulations!

The newest development and addition to the PRO SUPPS line is their new Protein Powder TC-F Whey Isolate. The TC-F stands for (Triple Cold Filtered) which the PROPER way to produce Whey Protein Isolate!

Now what do we mean by this? Against what some manufacturers would have you believe ION-EXCHANGE whey protein may sound all ‘high-tech & fancy’ when really that couldn’t be further from the truth! Generally about 1/5th the cost of normal filtering processes the ION-EXCHANGE method of filtering & concentrating Whey Protein denatures the protein material-meaning degraded aminos. Whey Protein Could arguably be considered a SUPERFOOD due to its naturally occurring immunoglobins ‘anti-bodies’ as well as glycomacropeptides which are very important immune system agents which can boost anti-viral & anti-microbial activities in the body. Now when a company decides to use ION-EXCHANGE Process these incredible attributes are often damaged & denatured not to mention amino acids, digestibility & bioavailability can be lost as well!


Cold Filtered – Good

Ion Exchange – Bad (or Not as Good)

Normally we have to ‘cut through the marketing & hype’ when dealing with manufacturer’s descriptions, however this doesn’t appear to be the case with PRO SUPPS TC-F WHEY ISOLATE


ProSupps™ TC-F ISOLATE™ stands for “Triple Cold-Filtered” whey isolate. This cold ultra-flirtation method prevents the denaturing of the protein and yields a very highly bioactive whey protein isolate. This means MORE USABLE PROTEIN PER SCOOP…. After all you are paying for protein you can USE right.” -PRO SUPPS



  • Zero carbs, Zero fat
  • Easily digested
  • Triple Cold Filtered (4x smaller than micro filtered)
  • Absolutely NO Ion Exchange, heated or acid treated protein
  • Fast absorption, pure whey isolate, ideal for pre/post workout

pro supps tcf isolate

By David Schroer


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