Physique Enhancing Science New Pre-Workout ENHANCED!

PES Enhanced Pre-WorkoutPhysique Enhancing Science or PES has released a ‘teaser’ of their highly anticipated Pre Workout product; Enhanced.

Generally speaking for some of the smaller brands they are either known for products you can feel or taste & not necessarily on results. Well that’s where PES is the exceptional exception! With a Line of products that simply work; like Erase Pro, AnaBeta Elite, & the recently released Fat Burner(could also be used as a pre-workout) Alphamine. Physique Enhancing Science has done things a little differently and if Enhanced provides even half the potency of Alphamine, the company’s competition better get prepared! In my opinion if PES simply added a few Pump Producing ingredients to Alphamine I think they would have a winner! But we will have to wait and see just what PES has in-store for its loyal fans!

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By David Schroer


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