Phospha Muscle by MuscleTech

Phospha Muscle MuscleTech

UPDATED 03/23/2015 – See the Muscle Tech Website For Additional Details

Phospha Muscle by MuscleTech…this company has been coming out with a ton of new products…from Clear Muscle to the new Micellar Whey, PhosphaGrow, Creator and now this. It was just recently revealed at the Arnold a couple weeks ago. This is another product where they are pushing the main ingredient right on the bottle itself (image coming soon)…phosphatidic acid.

What is Phosphatidic Acid?

This is an ingredient that is showing some promise for strength and muscle building. This is all coming from a University of Tampa study where people that took phosphatidic acid over 8 weeks noticed double the muscle than those not taking phosphatidic acid. Those are some pretty great results! It’s probably why a lot of the new products including Phospha Muscle from Muscle tech have this ingredient in them.

Actual Ingredients

Right now we don’t know how much phosphatidic acid is in Phospha Muscle (we are guessing 750mg), but you have got to think MuscleTech is going to talk about the study mentioned above so they will probably use the same dose from the study. The whole product contains 1,980 mg, so we will have to find out what the other ingredients in this product will be as well.

When Will Phospha Muscle be Available?

It was just released at the Arnold, so we have got to think it will be available over the next couple months. We hope to get a bottle here at Supplement Inner Circle so we can do an in-depth review of how it worked for us over 8 weeks.


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