PES Shift is Back!

new pes shiftAnyone in the industry a few years ago? Then you know about PES Shift! Well this popular product from PES is coming back…and I am very excited! This was an awesome non-stimulant fat burner that I personally used to stack with PES Erase. This stack was awesome and I was very sad to see it go. But now it’s back!

New Shift from PES

We don’t know too much about the ingredients of the new PES Shift. I am hoping they keep it close to the same, because it made it really easy to stack with. I mean they already have Norcodrene, so what would be better than a Norcodrene/Shift stack! If you are looking to lose weight, that would be a killer combo.

What do we know?

We know by looking at their Facebook page that it doesn’t have caffeine so guessing it will be non-stimulant. We don’t know the other ingredients though, but looks like if you are a PES insider we should know tomorrow! I will try to update this post once I know more.



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