Optimum Nutrition Platinum Tri-Celle Casein Protein!

optimum nutrition tri-celle casein The Platinum Series is getting an Upgrade & Just in Time for the Arnold! We first heard about the new product by way of a blurred image but we can now confirm that this will be the new addition to the line. It seems the company has found a new way to break down casein into an entirely different form which is 3x times larger and slower digesting than micellar casein alone. The name for this seems to be MicelleXL and it appears that the method of action is that during gelation in your stomach, MicelleXL Technology is denser and will require more time to digest thereby releasing amino acids at a slower rate than usual casein.

From the pamphlet it seems that there will be 30g of protein per scoop along with L-theanine & amino acid rich lactium derived from milk.

This will definitely be a great addition to the platinum series and to your supplement regimen. By allowing amino acids to be released at nearly all times you can almost ensure that your body will never go catabolic.

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