Nutrex Research Outrage Energy Shots

Nutrex Research Outrage Energy Shots

Everyone’s used to mixing their pre-workouts before they go to the gym. But how often have you ever had a pre-workout energy shot that worked? (No not 5 hour energy). Nutrex Research has released Outrage, there all new extreme energy shot. This is a energy shot that will ignite your mind and muscle almost instantly after consuming! If you though you have had some energy before you’re going to have your mind blown! This is not the typical energy shot you can just pick up at the gas station. This is a energy shot that ACTUALLY WORKS.

If you want a real workout and to ignite our mind and muscles with blistering energy you’re going to have to try out Nutrex Research Outrage Energy Shots! After a couple sips of this you better prepare yourself for an uplift in energy!



  • Extreme energy
  • Two delicious flavors
  • Hardcore energy rush
  • Intense focus instantly
  • Ignite your mind and muscles


  • Fruit Punch
  • Green Apple


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