Nubreed Myoblast Protein Coming Soon

myoblast proteinNubreed Myoblast Protein Coming Soon

NuBreed Nutrition calls this the ultra premium blend protein for athletes. They are really going after all the companies these days that have been amino spiking their protein powders to show a higher protein count than they really have. NuBreed’s MyoBlast isn’t one of these junk protein powders…it’s a 100% legit 3rd party tested protein powder for the serious athlete. Why try Myoblast?

  • Time Released 4 Protein Blend (3-4 hours)
  • No Fillers
  • No Amino Spiking
  • Natural Flavors

NO Amino Spiking

As talked about above, but this is what Nubreed Nutrition is really trying to hit home with. Because they are 3rd party tested, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a protein powder that could be amino spiked…they guarantee their protein powder has NO amino spiking. That is something that I am happy about.


With the purity and quality, they also wanted to come out with the best tasting protein powder available. Looking at the labels, I am seeing Chocolate Caramel and possibly Cookies n’ Cream and butter pecan flavors…all sound incredible!

Plus a big issue with blended proteins is mixing them up. The last thing you want are clumps in your shaker bottle. NuBreed promises that this protein blend mixes instantly with no clumping issues at all. I love that!


Well I haven’t been able to try the new Myoblast yet, but if I get my hands on a bottle I will definitely try it out. The flavors and formula sound topnotch, so I will be excited to try it and write a more in-depth review about it.



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