NOVate & ThermoVate from Applied Nutraceuticals

novate thermovateBreaking news…Applied Nutraceuticals has come out with a brand new pre-workout supplement and fat burner! I haven’t seen a pre-workout or fat burner come from this company since Uncut so I am very excited. I have always been a huge fan of APP Nut…especially their Free Test product. Always in my top 3 test boosting supplements. Now they have come out of nowhere to release NOVate, their ultra concentrated pre-workout formula and ThermoVate, the thermogenic fat burner!

What is ThermoVate?

Now this one hasn’t officially been released yet, but it’s a thermogenic energy/fat burning formula. It comes in fast dissolving rapid liquid tablets. From the bottle this is what this new product promises:

  • Pure, Sustained Energy
  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • Ignites Your Metabolism
  • Burns Fat While Keeping Muscle
  • Fits into any water bottle for easy taking

That last one stands out huh? So this means it’s a tablet, but not that you take, but that you drop into your blender bottle or water bottle. Pretty interesting. Would love to see how this works in action. I am sure we will learn more as ThermoVate is released!

What is NOVate?

Now this product has been talked about for about a month. Applied Nutraceuticals just did the official release on their website yesterday (see the link to the product here). This is their brand new ultra concentrated pre-workout formula. This is the one I am really excited about. Just like the ThermoVate, this pre-workout is available in fast dissolving rapid liquid tablets…meaning you just drop them in your water bottle or pre-workout and your good to go. Be interesting to see how this works too…I could imagine this would be great for traveling…which I do frequently. So what does NOVate promise?

  • Tablets dissolve in less than a minute
  • Prolonged Energy Levels
  • Increases Pump and Energy

You can find the ingredients on their website. Sounds pretty good to me. I love that they added L-Norvaline, which is one of my favorite ingredients for pump too.


Now we haven’t been able to get our hands on either supplement, but if we do, we will definitely do some in-depth reviews on both of these products. Probably even a video showing how they dissolve. If you have taken it, please let us know what you thought!



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