New Version of CTD Labs Preworkout Noxipro Chrome

CTD Labs logoCTD Labs is following suit with most of the other supplement companies and removing 1, 3 dimethylamylamine from their products. 1,3 just like ephedra got a bad rap and due to a few cases of misuse of products containing this stimulant it is now being removed from product lines, preparing for the eventual ban.

So, CTD Labs is updating their powerful pre-workout Noxipro with Noxipro Chrome and if it is anything like the original version then you are in for a treat! Here at Supplement Inner Circle we happen to love Noxipro and at least in our opinion consider it a top 5 pre-workout supplement. Noxipro gives you incredible energy and it contains ingredients that aid in enhancing your performance every time you use it. CTD Labs surely has a winner with the old formula, let’s just hope the removal of 1,3 doesn’t hurt the new formula.

chrome_label_noxipro_grapeCTD Labs Noxipro Chrome will be available in three different flavors: grape(above), fruit punch and watermelon. Grape and Fruit Punch were our favorite two flavors from CTD Labs and it would appear that flavoring won’t change very much with the update.

The three things that we could find on the actual quality and effects of the new Noxipro Chrome were: strong, Strong, and STRONG!

There you have it, CTD Labs is updating their top pre-workout formula and if everything goes they way we think it will, its only going to get better with this new formula.

Check Back here to find out where you can pick up CTD Labs Noxipro Chrome.

By Tony Brettman


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