New Version Driven Sports Craze and Splyce On the way

Regardless of how you feel about the accusations against Driven Sports and their preworkout Craze. We still know that there is a ton of people who don’t care and simply want to get the most out their workout and Craze certainly helped with that. That being said we do not condone what driven sports did and spiking their products in turn affecting athletes who were being tested for those ingredients is unacceptable. In the interest of providing information we wanted to mention that Driven Sports apparently will be putting out a new version of Craze in a new Watermelon flavor as well as a new BCAA supplement called Splyce. All in all we are still not sure about the reputability of Craze and the sites that decide to actually carry it are going to take a huge risk. Which is why we are only got to recommend the products we feel are the closes craze alternatives with reputable and legitimate companies.

Craze Alternatives

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CTD Labs Noxipro Chrome 40 Servings

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ANS Performance Ritual Pre-Workout Supplement

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By David Schroer


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