New Supplements from the Arnold 2013


It’s that time of the year again, The Arnold Classic is one of the top sports nutrition expos in the world and yours truly got a sneak peak at some of the industry’s newest and most exciting products.


First off is Gaspari Nutrition’s Superdrive and right off the bat we can tell this is going to be a big hit within the supplement community. The taste was absolutely spot on and the ingredients, well they are finally here and a write up is definitely on its way.


Another Product that was highlighted at the Arnold this year was Allmax Nutrition’s Carbion Carbohydrate Supplement. Allmax Nutrition has made one of the best tasting Carb products that we have tried and this is yet another product that speaks Quality, Quality and yea…Quality!


Additional Products Seen at the Arnold:

Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep

Applied Nutriceuticals Uncut

Optimum Nutrition TriCelle Casein

FinaFlex Px

10.1 Fuselage Fat Burner

10.1 Bitrate Pre-Workout


Thats all for now, check back again tomorrow for even more updates from the Arnold!



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