New Stimulant Appearing:Called Higenamine / Norcoclaurine HCL

Introducing a first for Supplement Inner Circle! Our First Ingredient Analysis!

The ingredient in question is already found in 3 products and as of yesterday’s OxyELITE Pro Formula Release that number is topping out at 4 for the time being!

The Products are as follows in order of market introduction:

  • PES Alpha T2
  • PES Alphamine
  • USPLabs JACK3D Micro

higenamine source flower

What is Higenamine, Norcoclaurine HCL Norcoline

A naturally occurring compound found in many Aconitum flowers

The history of Higenamine / Norcoclaurine / Norcoline

First used in traditional Japanese cultures & cooking, chefs found that these plants were ideally used in confectionary items & baked goods, specifically cakes which seems quite the opposite of its uses in the fat-loss & stimulatory effects!

Although first used in Japanese Cultures it was Chinese Traditional use which brought Higenamine into the medical culture. Higenamine was used mainly for breathing complications & coughing, and more recent findings suggest cardio-vascular health benefits, among its obvious beta 1 & 2 effects!

Higenamine Fat Loss Potential

There are quite a few studies that show Higenamine is an effective beta-1 & beta-2 adrenergic agonist!

Beta-1=Boost Heart Rate

Beta-2=Induce Lipolysis (free up fat for energy)

So the science backs up Higenamines use and application in fat loss & energy supplements. Which already sets it aprt from 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, which use was only based one study and has yet to be found ‘commonly’ in the Geranium Plant!

With USPLabs  adopting the ingredient into their 2 ‘Flagship’ products along with PES using it in their impressive Alphamine & Alpha T2 it seems that Higenamine is here to stay!

PES_Alphamine Higenamine

SIC Higenamine Reviews

This blogger is quite against N=1 reviews because what works for me may not work for you, but in the interest of our FIRST ingredient Review here goes Nothin!

Having the luxury to try 3 of the 4 (Exluding Alpha T2) and the Stimulatory effects of Alphamine currently powering me through the writing of this article I feel comfortable saying that the new ingredient is a Keeper! Even though I don’t really know the difference between ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ energy. I would have to say the rise in body temperature, heart beat increases & enhanced focus are all present! (Alphamine contains additional stimulants however)

To be entirely scientific we will have to wait till RAW Higenamine is available.

Until then look into the following products if you want to give Higenamine a Go for yourself!

•             PES Alpha T2

•             PES Alphamine

•             USPLabs JACK3D Micro

•             USPLabs OxyELITE PRO

By Dave


One thought on “New Stimulant Appearing:Called Higenamine / Norcoclaurine HCL

  1. I’m impressed with my first Higenamine preworkout concentrate supplement. Always used to use 1-3 Dimethyl pre workouts, but somehow I feel healthier using Higenamine.
    Very similar stimulatory effects, but tad more subtle, gradual onset and gradual comedown, no crash…and none of the prostate hypertrophy of 1-3 Dimethyl pre workouts either…at least for older men as I!
    Higenamine gives me the buzz and kick of 1-3 Dimethyl but I’m able to take a leak with a strong flow still during its effect, which tells me it’s working where it’s meant to and not damaging unrelated areas with side-effects.
    As far as fat loss in concerned 1-3 Dimethyl never made a dent, so I hope Higenamine would be more powerful as its research and reputation suggests. :-)