New Products Coming from NRG-X Labs

NRG-X Labs LogoNRG-X Labs is extending their product line yet again with brand new additions. NRG-X has been known for their performance line of supplements like Tren and Overdose and now they have a couple of new additions to their powdered performance line.

NRG-X Labs Powder

NRG-X Labs is coming out with a 5Lbs Sublime Whey, and the new flavoring Cinnamon Swirl Sublime that should be available in both the 2Lbs and 5Lbs. Also, NRG-X Labs is releasing a new Branch Chained Amino Acid product Xtreme BCAA Powder Mix.

For More information of these newly released products please check back here at Supplement Inner Circle!

By Tony Brettman

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