New Product from Empyrean Nutrition

Empyrean logo updateNow you may not know about this brand or have even heard of it, but Empyrean Nutrition is becoming a brand that has been climbing some ladders for the past couple of years doing proper ground work to build something extraordinary. Their most popular product is a post workout recovery protein called Insu-Pro which contains high quality PeptoPro Protein and the recommended carbs to protein ratio for advanced supplementation and recovery. It would appear that this company is putting out products that will actually make a difference in not only your performance but overall health as well. Empyrean offers products that have been tirelessly researched and studied to give you the very best in quality and most importantly results!

Empyrean ProdcutThis picture was just released not too long ago on the Empyrean Nutrition Facebook page and although we don’t know the exact details it would appear that this is some sort of powdered supplement.

Given that Empyrean Nutrition develops quality products we can only assume that this will be another quality supplement to add to their growing lineup.

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By Tony Brettman


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