New PES Physique Enhancing Science SELECT Protein

New PES SELECT Protein

Physique Enhancing Science is coming out with their first official protein powder. Select protein will feature 3 flavors chocolate, cookies n’ cream and snickerdoodle. It will be a blended protein of whey and casein protein which offers both fast and slow digesting amino acids. Look for PES SELECT Protein to be hitting retailers soon.

SELECT Protein Benefits

WHEY + CASEIN PROTEIN: The synergistic blend of whey & casein protein gives you both a quick influx and a long lasting trickle of amino acids.

LEUCINE PEPTIDES: Leucine is a key determinant in how much protein synthesis your muscle can achieve after a workout.

OUR FORMULA: Delivers a trifecta of muscle-targeted ingredients geared to stimulate and sustain muscle protein synthesis.

CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Premium Proteins. Leucine Peptides. Amazing Flavoring. No dirty protein tricks, no added creamers, and no cheap fillers.

24g of protein, 1g of carbs and 1.5g of fat per serving


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By David Schroer


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