New PES Genoflex For Joints!

pes science genoflexPES Science is honestly one of my favorite supplement companies on the market today. I take their High Volume supplement for my pre-workout, I had a bottle of their Select protein in snickerdoodle of course, and when I am cutting I use their Erase Pro+ along with their Forskolin 95. So I am really excited about their new joint support supplement called Genoflex.

What is Genoflex?

Genoflex is the new joint support supplement from PES. Like the other products they have, this is a non-proprietary blend product with highly clinical dosed ingredients that are proven to work. This is what I love about PES and their products. High quality ingredients, and a good dose of each one. This supplement is going to be potent.

  • Apresflex® – The Next-Gen, Patented, Super-Charged Boswellia Serrata Extract
  • Cissus Quadrangularis
  • Passion Fruit Seed Extract

These three ingredients alone will make this a killer joint support product. Now I haven’t taken this product yet, but it’s now available at the PES Science website and I plan on picking up a bottle. If you have joint pain at all, I would recommend doing the same thing. Genoflex, like their other products, is here to raise the bar in the industry.


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