New Noxitropin Berry Banana Flavor

berry-banana-noxitropinThis is personally one of my favorite sleep support supplements and I am so glad they are introducing a new flavor. Why? Because I am not a fan of any fruit punch flavor. From any company. For any supplement. And then I see yesterday that CTD Sports is coming out with a brand new Noxitropin is a delicious looking flavor!

The New Flavor…and Formula?

So not only is Noxitropin available in a new flavor, CTD Sports is saying they have improved the formula too…excellent! If you haven’t taken this stuff, it’s great for those nights when you are stressed and can’t sleep, or had a hard training session and can’t calm down…or even when traveling and you can’t sleep because of time changes. It’s just a great all around sleep and recovery supplement.

When is it Available?

They haven’t released when it will be available just yet, but when they do, I will try to get some samples of it to do a more in-depth review of the new Noxitropin.


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