New Myokem mTor Pro Release Date!

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Here at SIC, we are big fans of Myokem. Unlike a lot of companies out there, they really have some great ingredients and researched backed supplements. I haven’t got to try them all, but personally love the Nitramine. Would eventually like to try the entire line. But back to what this post is about…the new Myokem mTor Pro! This product was teased back in January, but according to the post from the Myokem Facebook page today, it is set to be released at the end of the month through their website only. I would suspect that other big retailers will be selling this soon as well.

What is mTor Pro?

This is an industry first. This product is a Time Released L-Leucine (ActiveTR). It also has 5 grams of Instantized 2:1:1 BCAAs and a Hydration Matrix. A little more of what we know about this product:

  • 938mg of lysine, 685mg threonine, 310mg phenylalanine, 292mg tyrosine, 175mg histidine and 100mg of methionine.

What does this all mean? Well to me it seems like a very advanced type of BCAA supplement. One that will be much more effective at building muscle and stopping muscle breakdown, while reducing recovery times. We should know more shortly though.

Just looking at this, I am very excited to eventually try this product and do an in-depth review.

When it is Available?

According to the Myokem Facebook page, mTor Pro should be available through their website beginning March 31st. After that you should be able to get them at some of the bigger retailers out there.


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