New Muscle Pharm Nitrate Series

Muscle Pharm Nitrate SeriesMuscle Pharm will be introducing their new nitrate series to add to an already complete line of sports nutrition supplements. Muscle Pharm Nitrate Series will feature 5 new products that contain additional ingredients to that of the Core Series. At this time we do not know the exact ingredients of the Nitrate Series but when they are released we will post them ASAP!

  • BCA-3 (BCAA)
  • GLT-3 (glutamine)
  • BTA-3 (beta alanine or betaine)
  • ARG-3 (arginine)
  • CRE-3 (creatine)

It would appear that Muscle Pharm will be offering the Core Series and Nitrate Series side by side giving Muscle Pharm fans the option of purchasing either one.

Muscle Pharm is trying to load up stock to get ready for their possible early summer release date as many fans are already clamoring for some of MP’s new supps!

Check Back here at Supplement Inner Circle for more details and updates on Muscle Pharms Nitrate Series!

By Tony Brettman


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