New iSatori Bio-Gro Next Generation Protein

iSatori LogoThe New iSatori product is almost here and we just got an early image of the product as well as an additional surprise. We don’t have any ingredients or supplement facts as of yet but what we can tell you is that this product is unlike anything you have seen before. And…..we got to try it first hand.

iSatori Bio-Gro Protein Synthesis Amplifier

We are definitely liking the packaging and the look of the bottle as it seems to be something different and really doesn’t resemble a protein supplement. According to iSatori, this product will revolutionize the protein and sports nutrition market by introducing a superior form of protein (Bio Active Peptides)  for enhanced recovery and muscle growth. Well, we are super excited to see results and from early beta tests we can tell this product is going to be a fan favorite and a big time seller for iSatori!

iSatori Bio-Gro BetaHere it is…the revolutionary product that could take the sports nutrition world by storm and turn it on it’s head. Now this post is not going to be a review of the product since we really haven’t had enough time to evaluate the results but the initial thought is that iSatori could be on to something huge with Bio-Gro….

That’s all for now folks…stay tuned on more updates on iSatori’s new product Bio-Gro right here at Supplement Inner Circle!

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By Tony Brettman



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