New Image from ProSupps, 3 New Products!

COMING-SOON_PROSUPPS  New Products From Pro Supps

Looks like the formulators over at ProSupps (Professional Supplements) have been really busy! With a Full Line & Brand Image Overhaul PRoSupps have really exploded onto the market in recent months, their flagship product Karbolic & Karbolic RTD along with (almost too powerful for some) DNPXII & Mr. Hyde ProSupps is here to stay!

Now as you can see in the image it appears they plan to attack the Protein Market with a Whey Protein Isolate, HyperBolic Intraworkout as well as an AminoLinx Amino Acid Supplement.

prosupps logo

Although the market is ridiculously flooded with Proteins & Aminos, HyperBolic will be the main interest for us here at SIC! With ProSupps impressive track record this supplement junkie is rooting for a nother impressive product! Perhabs a Karbolic-Amino-Hydrolysate Product!? Nudge Nudge ProSupps!  

Whatever the Case You can be Sure that we will be watching Pro Supps closely to keep you up to date on the specific formulations!


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