New Giant Sports Products in the works: Delicious Isolate & Giant Pump

It appears that the people over at Giant Sports Products have been busy. Recently we got word that the company behind ‘Delicious Protein’ & ‘Dexamine’ has been planning the release of two new products to round out their line of supplements.giant sports products logo

First up is simply an Isolate version aptly named Delicious Isolate. This is going to be a high quality & relatively higher-end protein featuring only 3 ingredients Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Hydrolysate  . The flavors are going to reflect the company’s first protein and be available in Chocolate, Vanilla & Cookies N Crème & possibly a fruit flavor down the line. Also be on the lookout for 10 Pound Bags of Delicious Protein & a fruit flavor there as well looks like something having to do with a Banana!!

Next up it appears that Giant Sports are going to be getting their hands dirty in the preworkout ring. A little bit of digging has come up with a name ‘Giant Pump’ this may or may not be the finalized name but we think it works well for the company just as long as they put CytoSport’s Monster Pump to shame! It appears that Giant Pump will not be a concentrate & following with the companies theme will be the best tasting preworkout ever! Now to be honest were more concerned about performance rather than taste but with a fully disclosed label & no proprietary blends we will know pretty quick whether Giant Pump will deliver or not!

Be Sure to Check back for more information & when we can expect a release!

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