New From Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Hi Energy Fat Burner

Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Hi Energy Fat Burner

Introducing Labrada Nutrition’s Lean Body Hi Energy Fat Burner

Labrada Lean Body Hi-Energy Fat Burner attacks fat by a unique pathway that is up to 5X more effective in keeping you on your diet! All fat loss starts in your gut. If you can control your appetite, you eat less, and lose fat, it’s that simple. Ordinary “fat burners” don’t burn fat. They simply kill your appetite with a big dose of stimulants. Labrada’s NEW Lean Body® Hi Energy Fat Burner goes way further by helping support a healthy appetite level… in your gut!* Only Lean Body® contains PhosphoLean® a cutting-edge, patented compound of NOPE and EGCG, clinically suggested to help you stick to your diet by helping reducing hunger pangs, diet stress and food cravings.* Lean Body® also contains powerful stimulants, along with PEA to promote feelings of well-being, mood supporting amino acids, and Pikatropin™, a cutting edge “nootropic” which can help reduce feelings of fatigue you can get during a tough diet.*

Benefits of Lean Body Hi-Energy Fat Burner
•Experience all day energy and fat burning support*
•Reduce hunger pangs and food cravings and binge eating*
•Reduce diet stress and support positive mood*

On to the SIC Breakdown

Unlike Gaspari’s Detonate which exploded onto the market Labrada released a similar ‘feel good’ fat burner a few weeks before and is just now starting to appear on retailer’s websites! The addition of euphoric compounds and Nootropics aren’t a new addition entirely but is definitely becoming mainstream and will soon become a standard addition to a company’s energy products both fat burner and pre-workout alike. The compounds in Lean Body Hi Energy are similar but not exact to products like Gaspari Detonate and Pro Supps DNPX-II. With the inclusion of PEA and Pikatropin the user will definitely feel the mood enhancing effects. Another interesting tactic is having a Lean Body for Her Formula the only differences seem to be the addition of Iodine, Ginger Root and Theanine and the lack of the PhosphoLean Energizing Blend, so if you want the more potent product go with the original!

Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Hi Energy for Her


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