New Fat Burner from ProSupps Vanish

ProSupps VanishProSupps just released a picture of their brand new fat burner Vanish to add to their growing line of sports nutrition products. ProSupps is a growing brand with many quality products and adding a product like Vanish seems very fitting. Now we don’t know many details but since ProSupps is already rocking a stim based fat burner in DNPX II we are going to assume that Vanish will be their non-stimulant fat burner.

According to ProSupps, “Vanish is the most effective, innovative and complete fat burner that is about to take the diet market by storm”.

Additionally, ProSupps recommends to take Vanish in the morning and again in the afternoon to help destroy that unwanted fat.

That’s all we have for now stay tuned for all your updates on ProSupps right here at Supplement Inner Circle.

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By Tony Brettman


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