New Clean Protein by MAN Sports

man sports clean protein


MAN Sports has been coming out with some killer supplements in 2016. I see big things happening for them. First it was Pump Powder, which you can see our review here. They are also reformulating their stimulant pre-workout supplement Game Day, which we hope to get a chance to review. Honestly, the Pump Powder in Sour Batch is amazing…and being able to stack that with the new Game Day in sour batch would be even better! And now out of nowhere they come out with Clean Protein.

Why Clean Protein?

With all the issues lately regarding protein, especially amino spiking, customers are wanting manufacturers to be more transparent about their protein supplements. They are tired of being lied to. So MAN Sports has came out with protein, which is a 100% transparent protein supplement. This means you will know things like the exact amount of protein per source. Not something that is usually shown to customers. Now MAN Sports is still keeping most of everything under wraps. Looking at the protein packaging, we do know there is 24 grams of protein per serving. And in their 1.8 pound bag, there is 23 servings.

Review in the Future?

We hope to get a chance to review this protein as soon as it’s available. Seeing the transparent label will be nice, but honestly, I am excited about the flavor. They changed the industry with their flavors of Iso-Amino, and the Pump Powder tastes incredible…Game Day will most likely be the same, so I have got to think the flavor of the Clean Protein will be on point as well!


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