New BSN True Mass 1200 Mass Gainer

BSN True Mass 1200BSN recently announced their new addition to their True Mass Line and True Mass 1200 will hit the market and be available for purchase any day now.

It would be appear that this mass gaining protein is the exact same formula as their other True Mass sizes but now it is available in a 10 Lbs bag.

With 50 grams per serving, 220 grams of multi-origin Carbs and 1200 calories this mass gainer is packed with almost everything you would need to put on some serious muscle.

The ingredients have yet to be released and going off the price of their 5 Lbs True Mass this might run you some serious cash. Is it worth all the money? Well, that is a question that you will have to answer for yourself.

Check back here at Supplement Inner Circle for more details on BSN True Mass 1200 and where to purchase!

By Tony Brettman


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