New BSN Glycolast IntraWorkout Supplement?

BSN Black Background LogoNeither confirmed or denied, new product from BSN will be possibly released in the next coming weeks. Little is known at this time, but it would appear that BSN has a new intra workout or recovery supplement up its’ sleeve with BSN Glycolast.

Now, we are not confirming this release yet but since it is already popping up in online websites we figured we would throw “our two cents” into the mix.

BSN Glycolast maybe a product to contend with Gaspari’s deliciously flavored Aminolast or Glycofuse (would make sense due to similar sounding names) and rise again to be a top contending company in the sports nutrition world. Now I know what you are thinking, “isn’t BSN one of the top contending companies?”, some would agree, but others meh not so much. Here at Supplement Inner Circle we tend to compare companies on their innovative products and as of late BSN is not one of those companies at the top of our comparison list. Hopefully their next release (Glycolast?) will really take a step towards innovation and put BSN back in the forefront. Remember the Original N.O. Xplode? Only memories at this point in time…

Check back here for more information on the latest news and updates on BSN products!

By Tony Brettman

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