New Blood Orange Flavor MAN Sports NooPump!

blood orange noopump

What a name for a flavor huh? The guys over at MAN Sports have been coming out with some really unique flavors for their entire supplement line. Now I have tried NooPump in the past, but really didn’t like the flavor. Pineapple Express sounds good, but I personally wasn’t fan. Loved the feeling on it, but didn’t like the taste.


Now enter Blood Orange! This flavor not only sounds pretty cool, it seems like it would taste really good too! In the image above, they even say they have a new and improved flavor system, as I am guessing other people complained about the flavor of the original NooPump too. If you have tried this new flavor please let us know what you thought.

If I am able to get my hands on a bottle, expect an in-depth review of the product’s benefits and flavor of Blood Orange!


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