New Blender Bottle Coming April 22nd?

Blender BottleBlender Bottle or Sundesa will be launching a new product on April 22nd and although they have kept a tight lip on this new release we are figuring that their new product will resemble something similar to their latest competitors products which include the SmartShake and the Core150.

Blender Bottle Logo

Here is a portion of what Blender Bottle has stated in a recent email update:

“We always value your feedback, and it’s inspired those of us at BlenderBottle HQ to push the limits. Now, stay tuned for hints, giveaways, and more as we get ready to reveal the newest additions to the BlenderBottle family!”

Well, maybe Blender Bottle/Sundesa will be releasing something unique and innovative but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter does it? As long as it mixes your protein/pre-workout and you can take your powders with you any new bottle is not really all that special. But, Blender was the first with their innovative wire whisk and maybe they will release something worth the headlines.

Update: Blender Bottle GoStak

Blender Bottle GoStak 1This is one of the only photos out right now of the new product/products from Blender Bottle and as you can see its not so much a new Blender Bottle as it appears to be an accessory storage container.

In any case, check back here at Supplement Inner Circle for any and all updates on the New Blender Bottle Release!

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By Tony Brettman




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